Gregor Müllegger webdev by heart

Hi, I'm Gregor Müllegger and keen to work with you as a passionate freelance webdeveloper in Munich or worldwide. I know a lot about JavaScript frontend development, using and integrating with Django and architecting the foundation of a modern website.

Values I Work by

My professional work is build around these principles:

Be human. I work with code most of the time. But the most important experience about the code is the problem that it is supposed to solve. And solving a problem is always about helping a human to succeed. In order to provide the best solution, I will always look at what you really want to achieve. Beeing human is also about the path to the final result. I am always open to offer some help to the people I work with, I am able to spread knowledge in the fields that I am good in and I will proactively start discussing yet unnoticed risks and problems in a project.

Robust over hacky. I get wrinkles when I see hacky solutions in critical pieces of a project. Sometimes it seems the cheapest way to go, but my experience shows that hacks stay for longer than they were meant to be. I want to solve problems pragmatically, still properly on the first try. Otherwise there will be one more problem to fix in the future.

Give it a name. It sometimes sounds to trivial to be mentioned, but I find it profoundly important: every piece of code must have a proper name. Be it a snippet in a simple script or this variable in your business logic. Giving it a descriptive name is already the first part of documenting it. It takes me ten seconds to think about the name, but will save hours when the code needs to be changed later (and it will). My coworkers and my future self will notice the difference it makes.

Agile is about changing directions quickly. There are many agile methods out there one can follow. The most important part for me is that no matter how advanced a project is, I want to keep the agility to change the direction of this project. Change will happen, so let's better be prepared.

I focus on what I'm good at. I'm a web software engineer. That is why I focus on advancing in beeing an even better programmer, software architect and tooling expert. I cannot offer professional grade graphic design and online marketing. The good part is that I'm skilled to work in a team that leverages the professions of all members involved.

Get in touch

Contact me if you need a reliable support for your team or a honest consultation.